Mobb Deep Announce World Tour & Details On New Album

he two emcees spoke with Marc Lamont Hill about their upcoming project, revealing the album packaging will contain 10 unreleased songs featuring Mobb Deep, Raekwon, Ghostface, and Nas verses from The Infamous recording sessions.

During the interview, Mobb Deep also praised the way Beyoncé released her latest album, called Lil Kim a legend, and touched on their brief falling out. Havoc said the statements he made about P being gay that set off the public beef were not true and were tweeted out of anger.

“I got mad at my partner and he handled it like a chief. We squashed it,” said Havoc. “I went crazy for a moment. I didn’t mean it, cause that’s my brother.”

“Time heals all wounds. Hav is my brother,” adds Prodigy. “We’ve been through worse. Real life and death situations, so Mobb Deep is forever.”

Mobb Deep plan to release their new album around March 2014 and a documentary in the next year as well.


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