Rondo Numba Nine posts photo of a rocket launcher on Instagram [PHOTO]

A lot of controversy has surrounded Chicago because of all the violence and now the rappers glorifying it. Rondo Numba Nine is one of those rappers who is in the midst of all this. So much is going on in Chicago and many of the rappers are in the middle of a street war.

Rondo Numba Nine has seen his career pick up and there are plenty of people beginning to tune into his show. Recently, the drill rapper gained a major co-sign in the form of Lupe Fiasco. Although nothing like the drill scene in terms of his music, Lupe Fiasco is a product of the same city.

With Chicago and the resident drill rappers being the source of infamy, Rondo Numba Nine made a power move. Previously, P. Rico posted a photo on Instagram of himself with an AK. Rondo Numba Nine outdid this with the post of his rocket launcher, which is straight out of a Grand Theft Auto scene and Media Takeout initially reported this story.


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