Young Jeezy and Soulja Boy arrest in the same week

This week isn’t starting off too great for popular Atlanta rappers, Soulja Boy and Young Jeezy.


According to TMZ, police found a loaded firearm on the rapper. Soulja Boy was riding around in the passenger seat with an unidentified driver in San Fernando Valley early this morning, when police noticed the gun he was carrying. He was arrested shortly after the discovery. Soulja was taken to a local jail, where he was booked for felony charges. His current bail is set for $35,000.


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Young Jeezy (born Jay Waned Jenkins) was arrested Tuesday afternoon after refusing to comply with police. Fulton County police responded to security alarms going off at a townhouse in Alpharetta, GA belonging to Young Jeezy’s girlfriend. When cops arrived, there was no response at the front door. Police headed toward the rear of the townhouse, only to find the rapper making his way out of the building’s back door. After police finally caught up to him, Jeezy failed to cooperate with the officers when he refused to show identification. He was soon arrested and sent to North Fulton Alpharetta Annex Jail after reportedly cursing at the officers.

The rapper was released later that night on a $1,000 bond.

Unfortunately, this won’t be Jeezy’s last run in with the law. He’s scheduled for court on Jan. 29 for a plea and arraignment hearing due to earlier charges of assault and “terroristic threats” against his son.


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