Young Thug Makes it Rain on Maliah Michel in King of Diamonds

Drake’s former vixen boo Maliah Michel was recently a featured guest at the renowned King Of Diamonds in Atlanta for their DOA (Diamonds Of Atlanta) Wednesdays on February 19th, alongside newly signed YMCMB member Young Thug. The ever donked-out Maliah arrived at the venue around 2 a.m. and took to the stage where she dropped it low, and jiggled her plump booty all over the stage and on the stripper pole in the most seductive ways which earned her loads of bills being thrown her way.

The tall 6’4 Young Thug took to the stage and posted up against the mirror with a brick full of dollar bills while Maliah worked her magic. At one point she bent all the way over in front of him and worked her curvy cakes to which he awarded her with a fat chunk of the dollar bills he was holding, but then moved away from her so she wouldn’t be dancing directly on him, possibly as a sign of respect for Drake’s past with her. As Maliah continued to work the crowd Young Thug threw the rest of his bills in the air, making them rain down on her and helping to send her home with a nice chunk of change for the 30 minutes she spent on stage.

Check out pictures from the night above, along with more pictures of the extremely sexy Maliah Michel.


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