Ludacris Turns Tables: Files For Custody And Asks For Child Support

Well..well what have we here? This is a very interesting turn of events! According to TMZ, rapper Ludacris is no longer interested in fighting with his baby mama over whether or not he should have to give her $15,000.00 a month in child support. At this point..he just wants to raise his daughter himself! So he’s allegedly going to fight Tamika Fuller for custody of his newborn daughter.
As we’ve previously reported, Luda and Tamika have been back and forth to court over custody and child support regarding their 2-month-old baby girl who has been residing with Tamika.

The rapper now says in legal docs he’s a,

“fit and capable parent.”

Because of this he feels he should be granted full physical custody of the baby.

By all known accounts he’s been doing a good job with his 12-year-old daughter thus far.

But the kicker here is that Luda has also asked the judge to force Tamika to pay child support to him!

No word on if he’s going to ask for her to have to pay him the $15K that she’s been asking the judge to make Luda pay her or not. But we get the feeling if this goes through and Tamika loses custody..she will no longer find that amount of child support reasonable. Call it a hunch.

So far, the judge awarded her $7K a month while the case is being reviewed.

This little plot twist could change the way a whole lot of females out here move when dealing with celebrities if Luda is successful. We’re pretty sure no chick out here in the game is going to want to get pregnant with a celeb baby only to hand the baby over to the guy and his steady love interest to raise. Ha and then having to kick in for child support on top of that…yeah we see no incentive there.

Somehow we think guys all over this country just stood up in salute to Luda.
Stay tuned.


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