LeBron James + The Masked Players Of The NBA

LeBron James may have gained plenty of praise for his carbon fiber Batman-style mask he wore on Thursday night, however, that didn’t stop the NBA from sending a memo to James to change his black mask to a clear one for Saturday’s game.

The four-time MVP broke his nose in a game on February 20 and came back against the Knicks wearing the black protective mask and he scored 31 points in a 108-82 victory.

After the game was in the books James got companions to everyone from Batman, Zorro and even Darth Vader. The Heat went as far as to promote James black mask on T-shirts.

On Friday, James got word from the NBA saying he couldn’t wear the mask citing it wasn’t a rule but more of a request because they wanted a fair playing field and wanted opponents to see his face.

Over the last 25 years the NBA has seen some interesting masks from big men and future hall of famers. The only question that needs to be asked is were there any face masks better than LeBron’s? Take a look below of some of the famous face masks by other NBA ballers. Are they as cool as LeBrons?

Via GiantLife


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