Video: Fan Throws Wig At Beyonce “You got me snatchin’ wigs!”

I’m starting to really think that Beyoncé’s fans, or Beyhive can probably give punk rock fans a run for their money when it comes to antics that happen at her shows. From last years incident where Beyoncé was almost kidnapped off the stage by a fan in Brazil until pulled back by her bodyguard. Or even before that when fans were reaching frantically for her and literally pulled her hair and slapped her. One thing I can say is that they definitely love Beyoncé and with her phrase, “Snatchin Wigs” going crazy in this world of Beyoncé, one fan even surprised Beyoncé when she throws a present at the performer. Around the 3.25 mark you see a Daniel Boon hair cap fly in Beyoncé path of walking. A fan in London took Beyonce’s saying literally and threw her wig to Beyoncé.

At first it look like Beyonce was about to go “Houston” for a second, but caught the joke and kept it “Hilton” smiles and yells, “You Got Me Snatchin’ Wigs!”.


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