Floyd Mayweather Jr. Allegedly Masterminds Employee Beatdown

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in deep trouble. Two of his former employees are claiming he orchestrated an assault against them after he suspected they stole jewelry from his Las Vegas home.

Sources close to the situation say two men had been hired by the former boxing champion to do make some repairs to his Las Vegas homes. When some jewelry was lifted from the property, Mayweather suspected it was the pair of men he recently hired. The two men claim they were contacted by Mayweather and asked to meet him at a location other than Mayweather’s home. When the men arrived to the meeting with Mayweather, they were met by the boxer and members of his crew.

The sources say the two men were brutally attacked and beaten with bats, clubs, and other objects. The beating was characterized as savage and one source described it as some “‘Breaking Bad’ shit.” The assault resulted in the two men going to the hospital with broken bones. Many say the victims could’ve easily lost their lives to the savage attack.

The victims always maintained they never took anything from Mayweather’s home. It seem snow Mayweather believes them, but his trust is too little, too late because the men have retained a lawyer and are exploring their legal options. Floyd Mayweather could be brought up on charges of kidnapping, attempted murder, and mayhem since the attack was so violent and the sustained injuries were so severe.

Floyd Mayweather hasn’t made a comment about this situation and we don’t expect him to say anything without a lawyer present.


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