Chris Brown’s Bodyguard Wants To Take The Charge

Chris Brown’s bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, has come forward and confessed to punching a D.C. man outside the W Hotel last October, according to Detective Kimberly Metivier, which gets the troubled singer out of really hot water. The news came out during a hearing at Washington Superior Court, where Detective Metivier testified that Hollosy yelled and told officers to arrest him and not Chris for assaulting Parker Adams, the D.C. man who was assaulted after trying to board the singers bus.

“He was yelling on his own accord that he was the one who did it … and not to arrest Mr. Brown,” said Metivier, adding that Hollosy said, “I punched him — not Chris.”

Brown found himself in jail again last month after he was kicked out of a court-ordered rehabilitation facility related to the 2009 domestic violence incident with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, which violated his probation.

Izzy M. The Best Writer Alive


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