Drake Makes Terminally-Ill Student’s Dream Come True

Young Money’s Drake is not letting the money, clothes or women get to his head and helped make a terminally-ill teenager’s dream come true over the weekend.

According to reports, Drizzy came through for 15-year-old Kennedy Brown’s surprise prom party yesterday (April 12).

A young girl is in a serious battle with cancer. Her classmates were so moved by her courage, they made sure she got the prom every teenage girl deserves. On Saturday, Drake himself made that dream come true, in a personal visit with Kennedy, that left the courageous young girl with a smile that couldn’t be shaken off her beautiful face. (ABC Local)

Prior to the Drizzy surprise, her classmates looked out for Brown with a handful of celebratory events.

Kennedy Brown is a 15-year-old freshman at Carnegie Vanguard who has been battling brain cancer for over two years. When an inoperable regrowth of her brain tumor forced Kennedy to stop attending school, her friends stepped in to make sure she experienced every high school memory in one day. That day was Monday, just barely 48 hours after planning began during a Friday brainstorming session among Kennedy’s friends. (ABC News)dr


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