Lil Scrappy & Momma Dee Say Diamond Lied In Interview (Calling Her A ‘Lying Industy Ho’ )


Lil Scrappy and his mom Momma Dee have come out in full attack mode after Diamond’s recent interview with The Breakfast Club where she did not have many nice things to say about her former beau. In the interview Diamond completely threw Scrappy under the bus and accused him of physically abusing her and that Momma Dee stole her Louis Vuitton purses and ruined her credit by trashing a condo Diamond helped her buy.

Lil Scrappy shot back and told TMZ that Diamond is a habitual liar and denied ever putting his hands on her at any point in the relationship. According to Mr. Scrap Diamond is just trying to stay relevant and chose him to be her scapegoat to achieve fame even though he’s gave her a start in music and bought “her $20K teeth and her fake ass.”

I think it’s safe to say that this relationship did not end peacefully.

Izzy M.


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