The Key Of How To Get Your Music Featured On Different Blogs


Artist I really hope you take some time out your career to read this. As a blog site or as a blogger. Our goal is to discover new music and bring light to it. A lot of times bloggers look at their blog site as a big playlist. They post what they like. When we do things of that matter its natural and pure love. It makes sense to break music that sounds good with a great visual to go along with it. But far as the music industry the industry part is important. Industry means it’s a business to it. As artist its your job to make sure your music is up to par before you release it to the public and especially to the blogs.
Saying that, it’s not the blogs job to do anything for the artist other than post the music. After that its in the artist hand to promote and market the blog post to their fan base. The reason you need to do that is to show you are creating a buzz about yourself. Main thing your showing you have other people talking about you. At the end of the day its two ways to be featured on any blog. The first way is like I stated before. Your music has to be great and we love it to the point we want to promote and post it. Now I’m not going to lie you have to be patient because blog sites get a thousand submissions. Even if you catch the post that way don’t feel you will always have it that way. You may want to make sure you develop a business relationship with the blog site itself. The second way to get featured is doing business with the blog. Let them know you have a project ready and you want to consult about releasing it the correct way. Showing that your about your business will make blogs and bloggers get behind you quicker. This really goes out to the artist that know they don’t have the fan base nor do they have music thats up to par. The only thing to do at that time is to invest into your brand to make sure it grows in some shape of form.
Bloggers love posting, its a passion for most. But never get it twisted artist. Just don’t feel like bloggers have to support you. Or just want to post your new music. At the end of the day its your job to show you have value to your brand. If you can’t help a blog get hits to their site for posting you. What’s really the reason to post you? In order to get help you have to give and that goes for both sides artist and bloggers. Blogger, DJs, Producers, Engineers,A&Rs, and Managers all make up the music industry. Its the artist job to construct the perfect team to back them. So artist that feel you have an excuse tell that to yourself in the mirror.


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