Nicki Minaj Speaks On ‘RHOA’ Fight Between Porsha & Kenya


Kenya Moore is telling everyone who’ll listen that she is nothing but a helpless victim after being attacked by Porsha Williams on the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” reunion special last week, but fans aren’t buying the fake tears. Even Nicki Minaj felt the need to speak up and say that she would’ve reacted the same way Porsha did.

“Let me say this, being that I do love Kenya — if it was someone else and not Kenya, I would have said ‘she got what was coming to her,’ because she definitely provoked Porsha,” Nicki said during an interview with ET. “I mean, I wouldn’t have sat there and let nobody do that to me.”
“I think Kenya, she’s very smart, and she makes chess moves. She knows how to get under people’s skin,” Nicki continued. “If Porsha knew better, than she wouldn’t let people rile her up as quickly. I think it’s a learning experience. I’ve gone through my fair share of feeling like ‘oh my god, I let somebody get under my skin.”
We ain’t buying what you selling Kenya.



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