News: Jay Electronica Dropping ‘Act II’ Album in 2014

Jay Electronica has been pretty active on social media lately, but it looks like something is going to come out of it. Over the weekend, the Roc Nation rapper took to both YouTube and the KanyeToThe forums to answer some questions a few fans had for him regarding his upcoming album, his favorite OutKast album, his thoughts on Kanye West’s Yeezus and more.

When asked about his album, Jay answered with the following: “I promise you its [sic] coming this year and I’m about to heat the game up and charge the particles so high.” Catch more from his question and answer session after the jump!

On the long awaited album:

“its been me. life etc. Jay and the Label never press me about it or hinder me. Full support and love. Ive just been away on my own accord. again, we are in THE TURN.”

On his favorite verse:

“better in tune. is my favourite verse to date. That and the one i spit on Mac Miller’s album. But that one is for selfish reasons.”

On Kanye West’s Yeezus:

“i loved it, but the media crucified him and slandered him because of the content and his outspokenness on many things. Then the sheeple started saying it was wack like a mantra after a few so-called tastemakers said it. the end.”

On working with Kanye West in the studio:

“indeed. we spent about a week together in london before he moved to paris during the WTT days, but id like to get back in w him for a few more go’s. I love Kanye.”

On his favorite OutKast album:



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