L&HHA Shocker: Did Stevie J Really Just Get Busted For Drug Trafficking?

What the what?! According to Bossip, a law enforcement official spoke to them under the condition of anonymity and confirmed that Steven Jordan was arrested in Crawford County, GA Friday for trafficking marijuana.

As with most anyone who gets arrested on a Friday, it seems as though he will not be appearing in front of a judge for a bail hearing so he’s likely to spend his entire weekend in the pokey!

Now to be fair…Steven Jordan has got to be a fairly common name! But if this is actually Stevie J…man oh man!

What a week this guy is having! First he is accused of being fake married on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, then it is reported that he allegedly stole furniture to put in the house that he claims to live in on the show…now it’s being reported that he may be locked up for drug trafficking! We’d say not much else could go wrong for Stebbie but we’d rather not tempt fate for the guy!

If this story is accurate…then this is not a good look for him… at all.


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