Philadelphia Rapper Louie V Gutta Robbed Of $40,000 Worth Of Jewelry

Louie V Gutta and two of his friends were robbed at gunpoint in Atlanta.

Philadelphia Rapper Louie V Gutta was robbed at gunpoint recently, reports.

Despite him and two of his friends having $40,000 worth of jewelry taken from them at gunpoint in Atlanta in late September, the rapper doesn’t want police to investigate.

“There’s no reason for the police to be involved,” said Gutta. “If I heard on the streets tomorrow who did it, I wouldn’t go to the police.”

Gutta, who is signed to fellow Philly emcee Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers Records, was in ATL for BET’s Hip Hop Awards. He and his friends, Raheem Jefferson, 32, and Derrick Johnson, 20, were heading to a local Waffle House at approximately 6:30 AM for breakfast.

Shortly thereafter, two robbers came in, one with a black semiautomatic handgun, and demanded the trio’s jewelry.

The haul included at $20,000 diamond-covered Rolex watch, a $6,000 gold chain with a diamond pendant, a custom-made Submariner Rolex watch worth $13,000, and an iPhone.

Police believe the men were specifically targeted. Still, Gutta doesn’t understand the police and media interest.

“That kind of stuff happens every day,” he said. “It’s unfortunate this time it was on me, but I don’t want nobody locked up behind it. I don’t really live by that.”

In December 2012, Gutta allegedly attacked Tone Trump, and allegedly took his chain.


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